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Kitamura TV repairs
Here at Kitamura we have over 25 years experience of TV repairs between us. No matter what the age of the TV, whatever the problem, we've probably seen it many times before, so you're in safe hands. We know how frustrating it is for the TV to develop a sudden fault right when you wanted to watch your favourite movie or soap!

Types of TV we repair

We repair all types of TV, whether they are:

  • CRT
  • CRT TV & Video/DVD Combi Machines
  • LCD TV's & LCD TV's with built in Freeview/DVD player/recorder
  • OLED Screens
  • Plasma
  • Rear Projection
No matter what the screen or tube size, we'll repair it! We carry a lot of parts in stock, so are likely to have a quick turnaround.

TV repairs undertaken

We perform all repairs to TV's, from a simple fuse change to major main board surgery!

  • CRT tube replacement
  • Plasma panel control board repair (Z, X & Y Sustain)
  • Plasma screen repalacement
  • Plasma panel & main system power supply repair
  • LCD screen replacement
  • LCD Backlight repair (CCFL & LED)
  • LCD power supply & inverter board repair
  • System processor & Upscaler processor diagnostics
Makes of TV we repair

We repair all makes of TV in the market, both UK and worldwide makes and models, including the following:

Turnaround Time

Our turnaround times are some of the best in the North West, as we normally carry a wide range of spares in stock so repairs are normally carried out the same day once diagnostic tests are done and customer authorization obtained. Even in the cases where we need to order parts, depending on their availability and price, turnaround is no longer than 2 - 3 days. In the case we need to have your TV for more than a day we offer a superior courtesy TV service, free of charge, normally only offered by TV rental companies! See below for more information.

Kitamura Courtesy TV service

We offer an industry leading courtesy TV service, whereas if we have your equipment for more than a day we will hire one of ours out, free of charge! All our courtesy TV's are modern HDTV LCD models, so even if yours is quite old you'll be lent a modern one, while yours is repaired, for FREE! How cool is that?!? Don't say we never look after you! :)

Our Professional repair procedure

We value our customers, and their equipment. That's why we have a strictly enforced repair procedure. We DON'T just take stuff to bits and then struggle to put it back! We have links with all major and clone TV manufacturers, and obtain factory service literature, so whether we're repairing a circuit in your TV, or replacing cabinet parts, the work is done professionally, lovingly, and with great respect for you and your equipment. We DO NOT use cheap imitation parts, only GENUINE OEM, so you can be sure we're competent, because we're passionate about professionalism.

Other TV services we provide

We don't just fix TV's, we can help with many other TV related things, such as:

Flatscreen LCD & Plasma TV wall-mounting service

Don't go to PC World/Dixons and their tacky TechGuys/KnowHow scam artists to have your TV wallmounted. They charge upwards of 100 just to muck about taking an hour to screw a bracket to the wall and back of the TV (that should take 5-10 minutes!), and that doesn't even include the cost of the bracket!

Here at Kitamura we will professionally supply, fit and load test a TV bracket for you, in under half an hour, for just 50. If you already have a bracket, we only charge 20 including load test and callout charge. It couldn't be cheaper or safer!

PRICE: 50 incl. bracket, load test & callout, or 20 incl. callout and load test if you have your own bracket

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