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EPOS repairs
Here at Kitamura one of our diversifications is that we also repair EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) equipment, and have over 7 years of experience. From basic cash registers to programmable cash registers, all the way up to the huge self service checkout systems you see in Wilkinsons, Asda and Morrisons, even ATM and cash machines! They are computers in themselves, especially self service checkout systems, touchscreen tills and ATM's, they have PC's humming away at their hearts, and computers is what we're experts at, so no matter how small or big your shop, pub, restaurant or club, we'll be glad to help!

Types of EPOS systems we repair

We repair all types of EPOS system, whether they are:

  • Cash Registers
  • Touchscreen POS Till systems
  • EPOS Accessories, such as hand scanners and customer display units
  • Retail self service checkout systems
  • Convenience ATM machines and full size hole-in-the-wall cashpoints from major banks
  • We are even experienced at fixing vending machines that sell snacks, drinks, etc, and the little condom machines in pub toilets!
No matter what the problem, we can help! We carry a lot of parts in stock and have links with major EPOS parts suppliers, so are likely to have a quick turnaround.

EPOS repairs undertaken

We perform all repairs to EPOS systems, from a simple till roll or ribbon change to major main board surgery!

  • Cash register programming/commissioning
  • Receipt printer, barcode scanner repair and diagnostics
  • Cash register PCB & CPU diagnostics/repair
  • Touchscreen repair/diagnostics
  • LCD screen replacement
  • LCD Backlight & inverter repair (CCFL & LED)
  • Software re-programming
  • Till network setup/diagnostics
Gambling & Arcade Machine repairs

We love machinery! Anything with cogs, springs, levers and motors, we like to fix it! We specialize in the repair and refurbishment of arcade and gambling machines, such as One Arm Bandit machines, and the famous Street Fighter machines you still see in pubs and some takeaways. Two of our engineers in the company used to run an arcade machine repair company for 20 years back in the 80's, so they brought their skills to Kitamura as a diversification! Arcade machines have computers inside, and we're experts at those!

Snack, Drink & Condiment Vending Machine repairs

We can repair all types of vending machines around the UK. A lot are American made and imported, especially Pepsi and Coca Cola drinks machines, these are no problem for us. James and Pete are refrigeration engineers who used to repair vending machines in the UK, so they've brought this to Kitamura. The types of machine we repair are:

  • Drinks vending machines
  • Snack vending machines
  • Combo snack & drinks vending machines
  • Drinks and snack refrigeration cabinets
  • Condom vending machines (chortle chortle!)
  • Cigarette vending machines (now illegal as of October 2011, the UK Government has outlawed them)
We repair machines from the following manufacturers:
  • Vendo
  • MEI (Mars Equipment International, the machine maker of Mars Confectionery!)
  • VendNet
  • Saego
  • Seaga
  • RHEA
  • Panda Vending
  • Royal Vending
Vending Machine repairs undertaken

We undertake all repairs to vending machines, including:

  • Refrigeration systems (Condenser, compressor, evaporator, heat exchanger, motors, fans & control relay)
  • Microcontroller and electrical system (Control board, relays, lighting system & wiring)
  • Currency system (Mechanical coin acceptor & change giver)
  • Microcontroller programming
Turnaround Time

Our turnaround times are some of the best in the North West, as we normally carry a wide range of spares in stock so repairs are often carried out the same day once diagnostic tests are done and customer authorization obtained. In cases where we need to order parts, depending on their availability and price, turnaround is no longer than 2 - 3 days.

Please Note: ALL vending and arcade machines are repaired on site due to their weight and size, so an initial assesment visit is made to assess the fault.

Our Professional repair procedure

We value our customers, and their equipment. That's why we have a strictly enforced repair procedure. We DON'T just take stuff to bits and then struggle to put it back! As well as our extensive experience, we have links with all EPOS/vending manufacturers, and obtain factory service literature, so whether we're repairing a circuit in your machine, or replacing cabinet parts, the work is done professionally, lovingly, and with great respect for you and your equipment. We DO NOT use cheap imitation parts, only GENUINE OEM, so you can be sure we're competent, because we're passionate about professionalism and expertise, no matter how small the job.

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