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If you are a manufacturer, distributor or dealer requiring on-site or workshop repair and maintenance coverage for your product, we would be delighted to quote. Before Kitamura was established, and the director was a freelance technician, many companies utilised him as he can work transparently for many manufacturers/distributors, offering our engineering support so keeping their name and products working efficiently in the market place. He has brought these skills to the rest of the company, through training, and continues to improve our productivity.

If you have this type of requirement or wish for further information on our manufacturer warranty services, please ring our Director, James, on:

+44 (0)7906 203430

Just a few manufacturers who have benefited from James's manufacturer warranties:

John Lewis PLC utilised him to repair out of warranty laptops and computers.
Star Micronics entrust their print maintenance/repair business to us.
Kitamura repair all Tiny laptop and desktop systems deployed throughout the UK.

Just a few companies we are soon hoping to obtain contracts from, as the business grows:

Olivetti- Minolta - Triumph Adler - Seikosha - Siemens- Brother - Newgen - Epson

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