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Our engineers offer invaluable support to our customers around the UK, providing the service required to keep our customers functioning effectively.

Kitamura System Wash & Wipe

This is a service we normally perform in the case of a terminal virus or spyware infestation, but we also perform it for customers who want to freshen their machine up, and start afresh. The service involves backing up documents and data (if required), re-installing your operating system, antivirus, and a Kitamura Software pack, including:

PConPoint - A tool to keep your system Registry free from errors and optimized for maximum performance

Jasc Paint Shop Pro - A premium image editing package, for creating logos, artwork, and general image editing

Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft's new antivirus and spyware removal program. Free, and streamlined, it won't slow down or bloat your system like the expensive Norton rubbish that PC World and other manufacturers force on you.

Foxit Reader - A streamlined free alternative to Adobe Reader for viewing PDF documents, such as magazines and leaflets.

Auslogics Disk Defrag - A brilliant program for defragmenting your hard drive. Think of your hard disk as a child's bedroom, with toys (files) scattered around as the child (hard disk) plays with them. They need putting back in the right places, to keep the drive and computer running quickly. This is what a "defragmenter" does.

Nero Burning ROM - The fantastic all in one CD burning suite from Nero AG. It allows you to make music CD's, data discs, CD covers, and a lot more! We only install this if your PC has a CD/DVD Writer drive.

PowerDVD - for playing DVD's on your computer. (We only install this if your machine has a DVD drive)

All this for just 45.00 inc VAT & Labour!! We can also install any of your own software, if you provide us with the CD's, for an extra 10.

System Installations

Whether business or home, we are able to offer an installation and setup service to suit your requirements. Our service engineers will assist with the following:

  • We will safely and carefully unpack all components.
  • We will setup your new system, and explain how it all fits together.
  • We will explain, through demonstration, the basic use of your system to the level of detail required, in a very professional and Plain English manner.
We can assist with anything you may need help with. Contact us for a friendly professional chat. We recognise that every person's requirements are different and will willingly discuss your needs on the telephone and advise you accordingly.

Virus/Data Recovery

Kitamura Computers boasts a high level of success when it comes to the removal of viruses & spyware and the repair of operating systems following major infections. We can proudly say that we solve 99% of virus cases, sucessfully, and get you back to work in no time, with your computer just the way you had it, (without the viruses of course!)

We will perform the following:

  • We visit you at your home or business premises, and discuss the situation, and quote you for the job.
  • We will back up any critical data that you advise, and will scan this itself on our special backup recovery system for infection, to prevent it spreading further on your machine. We will then give you hard virus free copies on CD/DVD etc.
  • We will then begin our work, scanning for infections. Once they are removed, we then perform another 2 scans, to ensure the infections are eliminated, and that your system is error free.
  • We then scan the hard drive and system files for defects, as some viruses can inject themselves into major system files.
  • We perform a full system optimisation, removing any clutter, and defragmenting your hard drive, to leave it running as if it just left the factory!
Due to the nature of the problems an infection can cause and the need to keep costs down, all virus repairs are performed at our workshop. This ensures a customer is not paying for an engineer's idle time whilst waiting for software routines to complete. This excludes virus removal during a CompServ operation, as we charge a flat fee for these.

A collection and return service is readily available.

Spyware, Adware & Malware Removal

This is one of our most competitive services. Most of our competitors will simply format and re-install Windows, the EASY way round the problem. This often results in loss of settings, data, precious content, and frustration because they failed to tell you their procedure, or to back up data. We do it correctly, and will perform the following:

  • Attempt to remove all nasties from your setup, to get you just as you were before, with no loss of settings, or those precious photos of your children growing up
  • Perform a FULL maintenance routine, involving junk cleanout, additional virus checking, defragmentation and any optimization
If this is not possible due to a serious infection, we will contact you with an explanation, and with your authorization we will perform a FULL backup of ALL your data, settings, bookmarks, email, etc.

We will then continue with the following:

  • Re-installation of Windows, and hardware drivers
  • A full Kitamura Software Pack, which includes market leading spyware removal tools by default, plus any software you had installed previously. We carry a large collection of legal software for this purpose. We use only the best market leading software, none of the FREE stuff our competition use!
  • Restoring all your data that we backed up, to get your machine hopefully exactly the way you had it without the nasties!
We have had many delighted customers using this service, and we have gone from strength to strength. We are highly experienced at this service, as we have done it for many years, and our knowledge of how spyware works is exceptional, so we can tackle it head on!

Corporate, Educational & Residential Maintenance Contract Packages (CompServ)

All our maintenance contracts are tailored to suit a company's requirements. Whether it be a 4, 8 or 16 hours response - with all parts included (excluding consumables) in addition, no matter what urgency or budget limitations we are confident we can suit your needs.

With our expertise, specialist equipment and provision of machines on loan in the event of major failures, we are sure we can keep your down-time to a minimum.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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