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Kitamura Prices
Our rates are the most competitive in the Whitefield & Bury area. We provide a premium quality repair service at a price you can afford. Our prices change regularly, so be sure to check back often.

Rates Revised: 01/04/2010

Kitamura Labour Charges

Area: First Hour Additional Hours
On Site (Corporate) 50 30
On Site (Public/Residential) 30 22
Workshop (Excludes Diagnostic) 15 15

Callout Charges

Area: Cost:
On Site (Corporate) 65
On Site (Residential) 15
On Site (Residential O.A.P) 10


1. Callout charges are flat single charge per-visit rates. Labour charges start from the moment we begin the job, and do not include any advisory periods, we don't charge for advice!

2. Our engineers can usually complete most repairs on site within the first hour. You will be advised by the engineer when he/she gives our job quote if this is the case. If the job is likely to be extensive, he/she will advise on Workshop service, to avoid possible repeat callout charges, and excessive cost.

3. All prices include VAT at 17.5%

4. On Site response time is normally next day - quicker by arrangement.

Workshops 48hr Diagnostic - 10

For equipment delivered to us by either drop in or post/courier, we have the following policy:

1. We will take down your details and problem diagnosis.

2. We will charge 10 for 48 hours diagnostic time with your equipment. Normally we don't need the full 48hrs, it is just for if any delays or issues arise.

3. Once we know the problem, we will telephone you, or visit you at home or work (by pre-arrangement when we take your details, we won't turn up unnanounced!). We will provide you with a full Plain English explanation of the problem, how much parts & labour will be, and an approximate timeframe.

If you accept our quotation, we will not charge the diagnostic fee, but simply charge our quotation price. If you do not accept our quotation, we will promptly re-assemble your equipment, and arrange re-delivery to you, and charge the 10 diagnostic fee.

Please Note: If you post or drop your equipment off to us, and then don't accept our repair quote, a delivery charge will apply if we are required to deliver your equipment to you.


1. Customers with quantity please contact us direct as we can always assist you with arrangements for delivery and collection.

2. Arrangements can also be made for those customers unable to deliver their equipment to the workshop. Please call or email for further information.

3. If you have your equipment sent to us by a courier or by post, please ensure it is packed securely, and sent Insured, as we cannot accept liability for transit damage unless the damage is caused by us/our driver.

4. Workshop repairs are normally completed within 48 hours.

Other Workshop Services:

We provide a wide range of services in our workshop that we cannot perform in customers' homes due to the amount of time it takes to complete the tasks, and/or the equipment needed. Instead we perform them in our workshop, where we can offer lower labour charges.

System Revitalization Service (Desktop & Laptop)

We will optimize your Windows/Linux installation, and perform the following hardware maintenance:
1. Clean out your CPU heatsink & fan, and renew your CPU's thermal grease.
2. Tidy up any cabling in your system case, to improve your system's airflow, and replace any damaged/worn fans.
3. Ensure all your cards are installed correctly, and your hard drives, optical drives & floppy are wired & jumpered correctly.
If ANY component needs replacing, we will obtain authorisation fom you before the work is carried out.

Data Backup/Recovery

At Kitamura, we're data recovery specialists. We use only the best equipment and software to recover data and repair damaged CD/DVD discs.

Hard Drives

In the event of a customer bringing us a faulty hard drive, to have the data recovered, we have two routes we can take:

Hard Disk Repair

We will recover your data from the drive, and verify the integrity of files, to ensure they are not corrupt. We will then run checks on the disk, to determine if the damage is physical head contact (where the hard drive read head has hit the platters, causing irrepairable damage), or if the fault is just bad clusters/sectors. If the drive can be repaired, we perform full sector scans of the drive, before restoring data, and operating system (if the drive is a system drive)

Because of the varying sizes of hard drives available, and the nature of any possible faults, we cannot offer fixed prices or timeframes for this service. The costs are usually determined by performing a diagnostic. However, if you require this service, contact us, and we will do our best to help you, at a price suitable for you.

Call For Quote

CD/DVD Data Recovery

Depending on the damage to the media you wish us to recover data from, the rates are as follows:

CD (700MB): 25
DVD (4.5GB): 45
DVD (Dual Layer 8.5GB): 50

We use only the finest equipment to resurface a damaged disc, then use specialist equipment and software to recover your data. We will then re-burn your data to a fresh disk. The cost mainly constitutes labour time, which can vary depending on the damage, and the length of time taken to perform recovery.

CD/DVD Copying

We also offer a CD & DVD Copying service to our customers. Our rates are:

Per CD: 5

Per DVD: 10

We will provide the best possible media, and use only the best equipment. In the event of a copy being faulty, we will re-do it at no extra cost to you. If however, the original media you provide is damaged, we will recover it for an extra 10.

This service is only recommended for critical data, that you cannot afford to lose.

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