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Kitamura IT Recycling
Kitamura Computers respects the environment, and we care about what happens to all our waste components during our duties. We collect and recycle IT equipment and communication equipment from the following sectors:
  • General Public
  • Electronic Manufacturing Companies
  • OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Local Authorities
  • Police Forces
  • Major volume IT users such as banks, building societies, call centres and education establishments.
Our integrated engineering services aim at providing sound environmental solutions and maximum financial returns.

1. Refurbishing & Recycling Of Computer Equipment

We believe re-use is the ultimate form of recycling and will, with our customer’s permission, undertake to refurbish and re-sell any usable computer parts. The equipment is repaired and upgraded where necessary and we ensure that any data on the PC’s hard disk has been permanently erased to Goverment and Military standards.

2. Factory and/or office clearance

We can organise removal, clearance and logistics of any size, in the North West. Obsolete and redundant equipment is removed and where possible re-sold into the appropriate market with the customers approval.

3. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Recycling

We collect obsolete, faulty, damaged, excess or rejected electronic, communications and IT equipment, sub assemblies, printed circuit boards and components.

Marketable components (Processors, Memory, etc) are removed, reconditioned and re-sold, fully warranted, through our distribution networks, generating revenue from what was, scrap material. The remaining Printed Circuit Boards are sent to specialist recycling firms to be recycled, and processed to recover gold, silver, platinum and palladium, generating financial return. This environmentally friendly process reduces incoming waste to 5% of its original mass.

Our services absolve our customer of any liability for the disposal of electronic waste. A “Certificate of Secure Destruction” or “Certificate of Secure Disposal” can be supplied if required.

We also recover of ferrous and non ferrous metals and other materials.

4. Mobile phones and communication equipment

Unwanted, damaged or obsolete mobile phones or mobile phone parts requiring disposal, are uplifted and if our customer authorises it, repaired and sold into acceptable markets. If re-sell is not authorised, then any valuable components are removed and resold through our brokerage service or recycled as above.

Whether you're a residential customer wanting to dispose of old equipment, or a company getting rid of end of line I.T lease equipment, we can help.

Contact us, and we'll be happy to assist!

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