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At Kitamura, we don't just repair computers like most other repair firms. We like to diversify, there's lots of things we're experienced at repairing, that people ask us about. So, not only will we get your laptop or PDA working again, we can even resurrect the TV, microwave or fridge! Even your mobile phone! It also makes us market leader in our area, because we're a repair firm with a difference! We do the work of normally separate shops!

Our "Repair not Recycle" belief

We've always believed in independent shops. Walk into your local repair shop, have your equipment repaired, and become friendly with the guys running this little shop. It's becoming a rarity, as big conglomerate idiots like PC World and their tacky "KnowHow" (was TechGuys) marketing scam force little guys like your corner shop fellow out of business. The difference between the "TechGuys" and us at Kitamura is that we're experienced, not a massive careless eyesore, and actually understand how to repair domestic equipment, and have a lot of electrical background. The TechGuys will just send out some clueless poorly trained engineer that they poached from the Adecco agency, who will advise it's better to replace the equipment, when really, the fix is simple. We know, because we've set them up in a trap in the past!

We're not like them. We've been performing electronic diagnostics and repair since well before the "TechGuys" or "KnowHow" came along. We understand how it's becoming a disposable society. Things just aren't built the way they used to be. But that's because of huge companies doing things on the cheap! They tell you that modern equipment is uneconomical to repair because it's all part of the master plan to get you buying new equipment from them. We'll repair your equipment, to factory standards, new or old. And we'll keep doing it for you until you REALLY do need to replace it. Because we care about the environment, we love our job, and we hate seeing a loyal trusty piece of family equipment that's served a family for years being scrapped! We won't write a piece of equipment off unless it really is beyond repair!

Domestic Equipment

Vision: Televisions (CRT/LCD/Plasma, all sizes), Sky/Sky+/Sky+HD boxes (Thomson/Amstrad & PACE), VCR's (All makes & ages), DVD/Freeview/HDD Recorders, FreeSAT boxes, DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray players/recorders, Camcorders (VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi-8, DVD & HDD Machines)

Audio: Hi-Fi systems (mini/midi & stacker), DJ Equipment (mixers, amps, disco lights etc), Personal Audio (Walkmans, dictaphones, MP3 players)

Garden: Lawnmowers (Electric, diesel and petrol engined), Strimmers (Petrol/Diesel & Electric), Leaf Blowers (Electric, petrol & diesel)

Repairs Undertaken

We undertake ALL repairs to the above equipment, regardless of age, make or fault. Due to the vast amount of makes, types and differences in equipment, we cannot give fixed prices here on our website, instead all repairs are subject to quote.

* We can only repair electric ovens and grills. Gas equipment requires CORGI registered engineers. We have a list of competent engineers that can do the work for you, upon request.

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