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Kitamura Scanner Repairs
Due to Kitamura's technical experience in the optomechanical sectors, we are able to diagnose and repair any type of scanner, from a simple hand held roller scanner, to huge industrial scanners. Our services in this sector include:
  • Scanner CCFT/Inverter Replacement/Diagnostics & Repair
  • Optical Head Scanning Mechanism Repair (Belt/Stepper Motor & Tensioner)
  • Scanner Bed Glass Replacement & Polish
  • Interface Replacement & Repair (USB/Parallel)
  • Software Trouble Solved
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU) Repair
If your scanner is quite old, or is deemed to be an uneconomical repair, we can and will be happy to supply you with a brand new one, or can supply you with a reconditioned secondhand one, depending on your needs.

Contact us with your questions or requirements, and we'll be happy to help in any way we can!

No other maintenance and repair company offers such a competitive and wide range of services!

  • Free carriage*
  • Fast response
  • Free repair quotation**
  • No obligation
  • Guaranteed repairs
You won't find a better offer in the UK!

* Carriage is free if our quote is accepted. If not, we may charge a collect/return carriage fee.
** The repair quotation is free if you accept our quote and have the work performed. Otherwise, a 10 diagnostic fee will be charged.

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