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Mobile phone repairs


Remote control car repairs is one of the services we provide that no other repair company can compete with, not even a model shop! We're not only talking kid's toy kind of remote control car, as we fix those too, but the high end professional enthusiast electric motor, and nitro/petrol engine powered cars. They are sophisticated machines, very similar to a full size car, so they need mechanic-background experienced repairers to repair and service them.

Our two repairers who carry out these repairs are previously trained mechanics, who also have a passion for racing model cars, planes, helicopters and boats, so they brought those qualities to the company as we expanded Kitamura's service portfolio past the competition to the checkered flag!

Has your car got engine starting/running trouble? Damaged gearbox or differential? Steering alignment issues? Or do you just need some professional help and advice? We're here for all of those things, and much more!

  • PVC body painting and decal placement
  • Chassis repair/replacement
  • Complete car chassis/engine stripdown/dismantling and rebuilding
  • Radio system repair/diagnostics & circuit repair
  • Steering, throttle & brake servo dismantle/repair/rebuild service
  • Electric car motor stripdown/rebuild. Bushes & commutators repaired
  • Nitro/Petrol engine rebore, stripdown/rebuild & tune, parts replaced
  • New engine run-in procedure assistance. A new engine MUST be run in correctly to avoid damage and premature wear!
  • Engine needle valves (low speed/high speed & idle control needle) settings assistance
  • Differential & powertrain service/repair (2WD & 4WD)
  • Clutch bell housing & clutch replacement
  • All aspects of model boats, planes & helicopter repairs carried out
  • Spares ordering service, including batteries, servos, tyres etc
Kitamura Model Car MOT service!

We believe that a professional model car is a loved posession, much like someone's full size car is their pride and joy. It has the same components, such as engine, differential, steering, suspension, and brakes, so it needs the same kind of love. Being mechanics ourselves, we know how important it is to keep a car serviced, so we have introduced our super-duper out of this world Model MOT service. Like our CompServ computer maintenance packages, but for model nitro, petrol and electric cars. You bring your car to us every 6 months, or we come to you, and we'll give it a full MOT just like a real car, checking things like the emissions, steering, suspension and brakes, as symptoms from these areas indicate a need for repair. So what better way to show your car that you love it than to have it checked and repaired by professional mechanics?

Each six monthly check is just 25. If parts are needed these are extra, but we're quite competitive on our prices, like we are on our services! If we tune your car we don't charge extra for it, this is included in the price of the service :)

No model shop anywhere has ever offered a service like this! We can honestly say we're the first! And we're mainly a computer shop! How cool is that?

Nitro Beginner Assistance Service

When first starting out in Nitro car racing, it can be daunting. Unlike a motor powered car, you cannot just put fuel in, start your engine and go. First time running in of your engine correctly is important, adjusting it for every run based on the operating conditions, maintaining your engine and suspension's heights, camber/toe-in, all must be done, and needs understanding of engines and tuning, add to that the rest of the car such as the steering, differentials etc. Most instruction manuals are very basic, and often don't explain things properly. That's where we come in. We've built, serviced, and optimized many different makes and models of car, from small basic engines up to monster powerful nitro powerbricks.

We can come to you and explain all the different components, how to maintain them, and how to run your engine in correctly, tuning it for optimum run performance. Looking after your fuel and air system is another crucial area, the air filter needs to be oiled and cleaned regularly, and the fuel kept sterile and free from contaminants. Dust or dirt in your engine and fuel is catastrophic at high RPM's. An incorrectly tuned engine can result in premature wear, excessive fuel consumption, and stalling when setting off or opening the throttle above a certain degree, just like badly set up suspension and steering can result in the car pulling to the left or right and not riding correctly. It can also increase engine and tyre wear. We love racing, we've made many friends by doing this service over the years!

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