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Kitamura Computers have been in the network setup sector for a while. We can set up networks, both corporate and residential. We can also help customers in the bewildering process of purchasing a broadband package, and setting it all up, and providing end support.

We provide the following services:

Broadband Package Installation, Setup & Support

If you are thinking of moving to Broadband, let us take you under our wing, and support you through every stage. We can help with the following:

  • Choosing the best ISP & Package for your needs, and budget.
  • Helping you to set up, install and configure your new package, router (if applicable) and computer operating system for optimal performance.
  • Taking the worry out of communicating with your ISP in case of a technical problem.
We have years of experience, and have the knowledge to effectively assist ISP's with explaining technical issues. We will communicate with you also in plain English, and explain what's going on at every stage, to get you back surfing in no time!
  • Assisting with any upgrades you may wish to have carried out. We can liase with the ISP on your behalf if you wish.
We have been resellers of broadband packages in the past, with such companies as NTL: (Now Virgin Media), Tiscali (now defunct), Freeserve (Wanadoo), and Pipex, and have had many satisfied customers, who we have supported all the way, so we feel we are the best people to help you, our main business focus is on customer support, and friendliness. It is the main principle of the Kitamura Oath.

General Internet Support

Not only do we provide exceptional Broadband package setup services, but we can also passionately assist with your internet enjoyment. We can help with everything from:

  • e-Mail account selection and setup
  • Facebook account setup, optimisation and feature demo
  • YouTube account setup, tutoring (including making videos, uploading, etc), and support.
  • Internet Forum account setup, and tutoring (including posting style, uploading videos, pictures, and using phpBB Code on a phpBB based Forum)
  • We can also supply customers with their own FTP account on Kitamura's web server, for you to store pictures, videos, and other files for use on the Internet, FREE OF CHARGE! Our servers are secure, encrypted, and are regularly backed up.
  • We will also show you how to use the web Setup interface of your router. Many of my competition do not do this to cover themselves if the customer mucks something up. They will just tap away, not explain anything, then leave once the Internet is working. I believe that correct tutoring is the best method. It is YOUR router, and we will show you and explain in Plain English all its extended features, and how to get the best out of it. It is all part of our Customer Excellence standards, and we're proud of them.
Home Network Setup

Why pay for a high speed internet connection, and not take advantage of the ability to share the connection with other members of your family?

Why pay business rates for a shared connection, when a reconfiguration will share a single connection with many machines?

Kitamura Computers have the ability, and many years experience, to install a home network and share your broadband internet connection keeping costs to a minimum by supplying all cabling for home user installation prior to configuration.

We can also set up home wireless networks, using the best equipment, from our recommended suppliers:

We can set your network up to allow both your laptops and desktops to use the same network, seamlessly, and efficently, allowing you and your family to get what you need done, fast, whether for leisure, or business.

Xbox360 & PS3 Network Streaming Setup

We can also set users of Microsoft's Xbox360, and Sony's PS3 up with a network streaming server, to allow you to stream videos, music and pictures from any computer in the house, to a TV connected to the Xbox360. We can also advise on, and set up, an external hard drive, connected to the network directly. Called a NAS (Network Storage Server), it can be used to stream without any computers turned on.

Wireless Network Security

Wireless networks are great. They enable you to perform most tasks, wirelessly. You can surf the web in the garden, in the conservatory, even on the toilet or in the car! What isn't great is the risk of data theft. If your wireless network isn't secure, hackers can hijack your network, effectively giving themselves free and full access to your Internet connection, and the data on any machines on the network. Hackers can even lock you out of your own network. Once they have hacked into it, they can log into the router, and change access credentials, as most wireless networks are often set up with default router access credentials, such as "admin" & "password".

With us, you're in safe knowledgeable hands. We can assist with the following:

  • Explain all the different types of security available, and which is the best (WPA, WPA2 etc).
  • Set your router up for optimal security, and work with you to create secure passphrases.
  • Assist with joining computers, game consoles, etc to the newly configured network.
  • Show you how to perform setup, in case you ever wish to change the passphrase.
We can put you at ease, and your data will be secure. We can make your network secure, and show you how to prevent data theft. We will walk you through each step, so you and your family can rest knowing your wireless heaven, and precious data is safe!

We will explain the different types of security, such as WPA, WPA2, TKIP, e.t.c, and will show you which is the best.

We will also support you from the moment we set your network up. Any time you need us, we aim to have an engineer to you, in under an hour or less!

Experience the full potential of your high speed broadband internet connection, with Kitamura.

For further details, with no obligation, call us on: (0)7906 203430. We promise, you won't be disappointed!

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