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Kitamura are now proud to introduce our market leading range of maintenance packages for our less tech savvy customers. We can take away the hassle and worry of system upgrades, having to worry about updating your antivirus and antispyware packages, and keeping Windows clutter free and running optimally... because we do the worrying!

Once a package is ordered, we visit every 3 months, and there's no fixed contracts to worry about, you pay for each visit, after the visit!

We offer 6 different packages, which are:

CompServ Residential

This package is aimed at the general public. We visit every 3 months, and carry out the following:

  • Virus, Spyware & Worm Removal
  • Hard Disk error checking & repair (bad clusters, bad sector repair)
  • We can really FIX bad sectors, and not just hide them unlike others! We use the best software in the industry, and have a 99.9% success rate!
  • Hard Disk defragmentation, to keep your system quick and nimble, and improve HDD access time, and reduce wear on the mechanics of the drive.
  • Windows device driver installation, update, and optimization, to keep your hardware running at its best.
  • Customer purchased hardware installation, whether purchased from us, or elsewhere!
  • Each service will include a visual check of the inside of your machine, and if needed, we will carry out the following:

  • Heatsink/Fan cleanout, to remove dust that will cause heat build-up, which can wear out and damage the processor (CPU)
  • CPU thermal grease replacement every 2nd visit each year. Thermal grease transfers heat from the processor to the heatsink efficiently. This grease can become useless, which will result in heat damage.
  • Worn consumable component replacement - Fans, wiring, switches, LED's etc
If any major parts (motherboard, graphics card, etc) need replacing during ANY visit, you will be notified. If we are authorised, the parts will incur charges, and may require your machine to be taken to our workshop for repair if it is not possible at your home. We do NOT charge labour for this service, just for parts.

The cost of our CompServ Residential package is 30 per visit, and 120 per 12 months. This is excluding parts. You can choose how many services you wish us to perform. There are no fixed terms!

CompServ OAP

Our CompServ OAP package is aimed at our elderly customers. This package has all the benefits of our Residential package, but is cheaper, and has lower parts costs. It is aimed at our customers in the 65 to 99 age group (We have customers 94 years old!) who are retired and on pension. This is why we offer it at the cheaper rate of 15 per 3 monthly visit, and 60 per year excluding parts but we will supply parts at a lower cost if needed, usually around 25 - 50% cheaper than our standard Residential package. As always, there's no fixed terms, and you can have as many or as little services as you want a year!

We may require proof of receipt of pension benefits, and/or age from OAP's signing up. This is to prevent fraud.

CompServ Corporate

Our CompServ Corporate package is aimed at small businesses with up to 10 machines. It offers the same benefits as the Residential package, but has the following extras:

  • Windows Server operating system installation to fresh servers (Server 2000, 2003, Small Business Server 2003, and Server 2008)
  • Domain & Active Directory management, setup, optimisation and maintenance
  • Printserver, NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive maintenance and optimisation
  • Intranet setup, maintenance and optimisation
  • Data security advice and support
We offer fast response support with this package, to keep your business running effectively. Unfortunately, due to us being a small company, we cannot support companies with more than 10 machines at this time.

The CompServ Corporate package is charged at 160 per 5 machines, 320 per 10 computers per visit, making the yearly total 640 for 5 machines, and 1,280 per year for 10 machines.

CompServ Education

This is our newest CompServ package, introduced only this year, for small schools, and tutoring centres, such as Rathbones and TNG. We believe we can offer more flexible service than some of the "in house" people these establishments use, as they are usually miles away, and often take days to sort issues out. We can be there within an hour or less!

The Education package contains the same benefits as the Residential and Corporate packages, and has these extras:

  • CAD software optimisation and service
  • Network setup/maintenance (wired & wireless)
  • Training teachers with IT infrastructure tutoring
  • Emergency callout service. We can be with you within 2 hours or less, for urgent problems!
We charge 65 per 4 machines, per 3 monthly visit. We support at the moment a maximum of 10 PC's.

All our staff dealing with this package deployment are fully vetted, and have undergone a full CRB check.

CompServ Mac & CompServ Mac Laptop

We've introduced this service for 2010 following requests and high demand, to cater for our Mac users. This service covers the following:

  • Hard disk checking & repair (bad clusters, filesystem check)
  • Mac OS optimization (junk & old program removal, system updates, operating system upgrades etc)
  • Hardware maintenance (CPU & HSF maintenance, motherboard check, power supply safety test)
The CompServ Mac Laptop package is aimed at Mac laptop users. It has the benefits of the base Mac package, and carries the following extra:
  • Regular machine assembly test, which involves us checking the integrity of the machine and assemblies, making sure all case parts are secure, screws are tight, and all components are seated and secured etc.
We know how flimsy some Mac laptops are, as we repair them on a daily basis. We can ensure your machine is as secure as it was when it left the factory, so it won't fall apart!

The CompServ Mac package is the same price as the Residential package, at 30 per visit, excluding any parts costs. If parts are required during a visit, these will incur extra cost. You will be notified of the cost at the time.

To book any of these services, call us on 07526 432851, or email, with full contact details, and of which package you are interested in, and your intended term, and we will be glad to assist.

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