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We always like to be here for our customers, so our working days and hours are as extensive as possible.

They run as follows:

These hours DO NOT include emergency hours. Emergency hours run 24hr, EXCEPT the following days:

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve

New Year's Day



We are available 24 hours for emergency callouts during normal working days. If, during festive periods, you have an emergency, contact us as soon as practically possible. By emergency we mean:

  • Equipment built, sold or serviced by us catching fire, or there is a distinct risk of it doing so. If there are any strange smells or a significant behaviour change from the equipment, it should be unplugged immediately, and ourselves contacted. We have specialist Liability cover for incidents of this type.
  • A critical failure to equipment under maintenance contract from us that would incur financial or personal loss if the failure was not corrected immediately or within the reasonable timeframe of one (1) day.
  • Equipment purchased as a Christmas present failing on Xmas Day. We will gladly come out and put things right, providing that the failure was not imminent, and gave no warning signs. This only applies to hardware and software installed by us, and does not cover your own self installed software & hardware. We may charge for putting third party software/hardware issues right.
For other cases, you can leave us a message on our voicemail, and it will be followed up the next working day. Only on EXCEPTIONAL circumstances will we change this policy.

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