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Welcome to our Customer Policies page. These pages are a collection of policies we have put together so you can see how we run certain aspects of our customer services. They cover the following aspects of business:

    Our Motherboard Replacement Policy, which details the circumstances in which we deem a motherboard to be an uneconomical repair, and the steps we will take to replace it, where finanically viable.
  1. TFT Screen Defects, and the acceptable limits for replacement under the Sale Of Goods Act.
  2. Our Copyright policy, which details the copyrights to the material on this Group Website.
  3. Our Privacy Policy, which details how we store and use your personal details supplied when you register on and visit our online areas.
  4. Our Zero Abuse Policy, which details our zero tolerance of abusive customers, and what we do in the event of such customers.
  5. Our Uneconomical Repair Policy, which details what we will do in the event of an uneconomical repair.

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Our Policies are updated and reviewed frequently, at least every 6 months. If there is anything about them you feel you need to comment about, you can email our Director by visiting our Contact page, a link to which is in the Sidebar to the left.

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