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Kitamura Group Job Payment Policy

Upon your acceptance of our job quote and your authorization for us to go ahead with the repair, we require a 50% deposit of the total final quote, paid in full, from you. This is a partial parts and labour cost, which is NON REFUNDABLE.

Once the repair is complete, the remainder of the balance MUST be paid in full, before equipment is released to you.

We have a payment scheme for pensioners and people suffering financial problems where we allow a maximum payment waiting period of five (5) weeks, but this must be arranged with Management. We will work with you to determine the payment amounts you can afford over the five weeks. A written reciept will be issued to you, detailing the payment amounts we agree with you.

Once arranged, we will store your equipment safely for the 5 week period, free of charge, whilst you make payments. Payment can be made in instalments, or in full at ANY time during this 5 weeks. You must bring your reciept with you each time you make a payment.

If payment is not recieved immediately, or if the payment scheme is arranged with us, within the 5 week period, we will adopt the following approach(es) at our discretion:

We will either:

  • Dispose of the equipment to recoup costs.
  • or:
  • Impose a £5 per day storage charge, added on to the remaining outstanding balance.
In extreme cases, we may enlist the help of a debt recovery specialist, to recover costs, and/or storage charges. If this happens, you may be liable to administration charges from them. We are not responsible for any charges incurred to you by them resulting from us having to take this action, nor will we refund these charges.

When a repair job is completed by us, or the 48hr diagnostic period ends, if we cannot get in contact with the customer after 3 retries via telephone, we will impose a £5 a day storage charge for every day the equipment is in our storage. Please MAKE SURE you provide VALID contact numbers on jobsheets where we can reach you during working hours. We do not go round customer houses knocking on doors, this is a waste of our time, we contact via telephone.

If, for whatever reason, a customer decides to cancel a repair job even after giving us full authorisation and 50% deposit to perform the necessary repair work we’ve quoted for, we reserve the right to impose a £20 cancellation charge for time and labour wasted. This includes any applicable storage fee (currently £5 per day) for the time equipment is taking up space left in our workshop, regardless of its condition. The 50% deposit will also NOT be refunded.



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