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Uneconomical Repair Policy

If at any time during a diagnostic on a repair we deem the repair to be uneconomical, we will not go any further.

We use the term uneconomical to mean the following:

1. The equipment is too old for acceptable parts to be sourced, either due to cost, or availability.

2. The cost of the repair will be more than either:
  • the equipment's current market value
  • However much you originally paid for it
This applies whether the equipment is new or old.

We will usually alert you to uneconomical repairs at the Quote stage, but in the event of an uneconomical repair arising after this, we will contact you, with details of why we have written the equipment off. We then have two routes open to you:
  • We will issue you with an Equipment Write Off sheet, for you to provide to your insurance company. This provides official declaration that the equipment has been professionally diagnosed, and written off. They will then pay you however much the repair will cost, for you to put towards another piece of equipment.

  • We will supply you with equipment from our stock up to the value of the repair quotation, instead of repairing your original equipment. We will also give you scrap value for your old equipment, and knock this off the price.
Many of our customers prefer the second option, as it saves them claiming on their insurance contents cover, and is usually the quicker and friendlier route. In the case of a computer writeoff, we will also perform a data and settings transfer (if possible) to the new equipment, at no extra cost.

If you decide you do not want to take any action, that is fine. If a Diagnostic has been carried out, we simply charge for this.

This Policy does not apply if the job was originally referred to us by your insurance company, upon our acceptance of an insurer job, we work directly with your Insurer.

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