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Mobile phone repairs

Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are the only independence lifeline most elderly and/or disabled people have, and they're becoming big business. Sadly, there are companies springing up that are taking advantage, charging over the top for basic repairs or callouts. Kitamura are proud to now offer mobility repair services that are fair, friendly, honest, and professional. The next time a company tells you "your controller has failed, it'll cost you 600", stop and come to us. We know from being in the automotive industry that ECU's rarely fail, and that these companies are cowboys trying to make big bucks for nothing.

We offer the following services to electric mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs:

Mobility Scooters

  • Battery replacement, testing and advice
  • Electrical repairs - Wiring, switches, tiller electronics, headlights, indicators
  • Repairs to controllers (ECU's) - This is the metal brain of the scooter that controls all inputs and outputs. We won't replace these at 600 - 800, we'll actually repair them to circuit board level which works out 60 to 80% cheaper than an outright replacement.
  • Tyre, wheel hub and innertube repair - Puncture, nail and/or kerb damage as well as normal wear and tear to the tyre or hub and front wheel bearings.

Full Powerchair and Mobility Scooter Service - ONLY 49!!

For just 49 we will do a complete safety and maintenance check on your scooter or powerchair to make sure it is safe and comfortable for you. We check:

  • The condition of your tyres for wear and damage such as nails, cracks etc
  • Tyre pressures (adjusted if needed). Underinflated or overinflated tyres can prematurely wear the tyre and cause a blowout
  • Rear safety casters, also known as the anti-tilt mechanism/device
  • Wheels removed and shafts greased. Front wheel bearings are checked, and replaced at a small extra cost which we notify in advance
  • Wheel nuts checked/tightened and replaced if necessary
  • Free-wheel mechanism tested
  • Brakes tested (adjusted if needed). Electronic parking brake operation and holding capability tested
  • Chassis & release mechanism tested. We check all welds, joints and chassis bolts for structural strength, tightness and rust
  • Batteries load tested, and replacement recommended if needed, as worn batteries affect the power and range of a scooter/powerchair, especially when headlights and indicators used.
  • Battery connections tightened & greased
  • Fuses tested
  • Safety cut-out tested
  • Condition of all cables and shrouds tested
  • Steering column tested
  • Steering column adjust mechanism inspected
  • Steering track rods tested (adjusted if needed). Uneven tyre wear, or wandering/pulling steering are symptoms of bad alignment/tracking
  • Suspension lubricated
  • Seat removed, pole mount examined & greased
  • Check and lubricate swivel & recline system
  • Look at condition of batteries
  • Charger output tested
  • Motor brushes inspected
  • Forward/reverse levers tested
  • Speed adjuster tested
  • Ignition switch inspected and lubricated
  • Horn tested
  • Lights tested
  • Indicators and hazards tested
  • Road test to ensure roadworthiness & safety
  • PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION - INCOMPLETE - Contact us for information about repairs to mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs etc. We perform all repairs mechanical and electrical at low prices, cheaper than Millercare et al.

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