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Our Director and Co-Director have previously been time served mechanics, so when Kitamura was established we decided to offer power gardening tool repair services, as many garden tools such as ride on mowers and lawnmowers have engines and gearboxes, so it was a service that fits right in with our skills as mechanics!

We can repair/diagnose & configure the following types of gardening equipment:

  • Diesel/petrol & electric push-along lawnmowers
  • Petrol & Diesel ride-on tractor mowers & accessories
  • Petrol/Diesel & electric strimmers
  • Petrol/Diesel & electric leaf blowers
  • Petrol/Diesel & electric chainsaws and fittings
This list is not exhaustive, we can repair many more pieces of gardening hardware. We update our skills and training all the time!

The repairs we carry out on gardening hardware include:

  • Engine repair/tune, overhaul and scheduled maintenance in line with manufacturer guidelines
  • Ride on tractor complete service and component replacement (engine, steering, transmission, chassis and driveline)
  • Parts replacement (Blades, plastics, housings etc)
  • Ride on Tractor and Mower EECU (Engine Electronic Control Unit) remapping for increased fuel economy and engine performance.

Contact us with your requirements, we're sure to make you smile! :)

  • Free carriage*
  • Fast response
  • Free repair quotation*
  • No obligation
  • Guaranteed repairs
  • Virus removal
  • Password removal
  • Spares/batteries/adaptors

You won't find a better offer in the UK

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